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Chris Downey


I am passionate about building new things. I like watching a new idea take hold and catch fire as it spreads from customer to customer. Most of all I want to help teams build things that make a positive impact on the world.



I've experienced a number of times when product management teams can feel a bit lost in the silos of a company. Bringing new ideas to the market is difficult, but doing so without defined roles and responsibilities or clear objectives makes it even harder. Product management teams work best when expectations are clearly defined, when they actively engage with customers, and when they work to align the organization with the product vision.



It wasn't easy getting to the point where product management was as much science as art. Formal training, including Pragmatic Marketing certification, was helpful, but it was also helpful to read dozens of books, thousands of articles, and websites from leading product managers, marketers, and innovators. Most important I've managed hundreds of products across their product lifecycle. From idea inception, validation, and MVP to end-of-life issues and retiring products, I've experienced the best ways of handling these activities (and some of the ways not to do it.) Along the way, I've made companies millions of dollars in new sales from new products. 


My framework isn't just about managing products, it is about teams working together in an organization to achieve company objectives.



I can help you build a strong product team through:

  • Custom training on product management and agile methodologies

  • Setting clear roles and responsibilities

  • Instituting a framework for clear objectives

  • Mentoring product team members


Great product teams build great products and solve real problems.  I can help your product team set up a framework for success.


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